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Scott LeMieux



current assignments:

Coach G2013 Blue, B2013 White

About the coach

Hometown: Urbana, OH

Coaching License: USSF E License, United Soccer Coaches (formerly NSCAA) Goalkeeper 2 License.

Coaching Experience: 20 years spanning from NCAA DII, club and rec soccer. Urbana University: Six years as Assistant and Goalkeeper coach including 3 years speed, agility and strength training. Club: Champaign Dynamo Soccer Club, Dayton Dutch Lions Youth Academy, Springfield Thunder Soccer Club, Crew Juniors, Ohio Premier Soccer Club.

Relevant Experience: 10 years USSF Referee - from adult amatuer, U19-U9. Leagues include MRL, Buckeye Premier, MVYSA. OHSAA Referee.

Soccer History: Ten years from youth to adult amatuer.

Coaching Philosophy: Soccer, when coached well, provides an excellent opportunity to help build well rounded individuals. It's a game which requires the players to excel technically, tactically, physically and mentally. It requires individual skills giving players the chance to learn to solve problems quickly, to take chances and to improvise in unknown situations. It requires individuals to function in a group, as a team, and to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual and adapt to achieve a common goal.

As a coach, it is my responsibility to expose my players to every facet of this game and not let the opportunities presented by the game go to waste. Starting with individual technique, I strive to teach players to learn to control the ball in known and unknown situations, giving them the tools to feel confident in their own abilities while encouraging risk taking and learning to handle individual success and failure.

Tactical player development includes a strong mix of individual skills as well learning to solve problems as a team. Jose Mourinho described soccer as a game for intelligent people. To properly develop players it is important to teach and create opportunities for every player to experience all aspects of the game, from offensive penetration to defensive coverage. I am a strong believer in "Total Football", requiring players to have a solid understanding of all positions on the field.

The physical and mental demands of the game are nothing short of extraordinary. Asking players to perform both physically and mentally for 80 to 90 minutes with little rest, little direction and against opponents which may have natural physical advantages is a responsibility, as a coach which cannot be taken lightly. It is my job to bring out the best athlete in each individual by providing the proper fitness training and external motivation while nurturing internal motivation.

Parent Advice: “I love to watch you play!” Repeat this to your player often! No matter the outcome of the game or training session, this is the one thing your player needs to hear.

Player Advice: Have fun! Remember above all else that this is a game and you should learn to enjoy all aspects of it. Have fun training hard. Have fun competing. Have fun failing then working toward achievement. Have fun being creative, taking risks, playing with teammates and enjoying success.

Scott LeMieux
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