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Player Evaluation Form


The purpose of this form is for KAFC coaches to provide an evaluation of a player, outside of the traditional tryout
window. The evaluation is based on the current metrics for the age of the player being evaluated, and the team
that they would be playing with, if given a roster spot, or brought in as a Training Only Player.


Technical ability to shoot with power (from proper distance based on age)
Technical ability to cross with power/accuracy (from proper distance based on age)
Technical ability for overall kicking power (passing/shooting/clearances)
Technical ability to display dribbling touch and speed
Technical ability of first touch (ball trapping)
Technical ability to show skill moves (ball comfort)


Tactically knows when to protect the goal and has an overall defense awareness (pressure/cover/balance)
Tactically moves to space off the ball and has a spatial awareness (shoulder checking/scanning)
Tactically creates passing options and looks to combine when necessary
Tactically creates 1v1’s and 2v1’s (choosing the right time to take players on vs keeping the ball)


Physical foot speed (first 3 steps and top speed)
Physical coordination and body control (strength on/off the ball)
Physical endurance and conditioning


Displays a love of the game (passion)
Competes to learn and to win (and shows the proper character in doing so)
Displays a positive attitude

Thanks for submitting!

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