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Development Program


Kitsap Alliance’s Goalkeeper Development Program, coached by Hansy Lopez, offers specialized training to develop elite goalkeepers but can also add valuable skills to a player searching for more versatility. No matter how passionate you are, our training focuses on the technical, tactical, physical, and mental awareness needed to be successful.  This program is made up of three ability levels: White, Red, and Blue. See below for a description. All training adheres to our club philosophy and every level of training incorporates safety “best practices” to promote a long and healthy career. 

Our program welcomes any player (including non-KAFC players) U8-U19 interested in becoming a goalkeeper.  This is at the minimal cost of $100/month. Placement is based on the evaluation.  If interested in this training opportunity,  please contact Hansy Lopez @

Hansy Lopez.png

Hansy Lopez

Goalkeeper Coach

Ability levels

White (Basic) 


Focuses on the building blocks of goalkeeping including technical skills and safety. 

Red (Intermediate) 


Focuses on situational awareness, decision making, more complex technical skills, and safety.

Blue (Advanced) 


Demands excellence and focuses on advanced techniques, commanding a defense, and risk vs safety decision making. 

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