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Guide to Achieving USSF Certification as a Soccer Referee

Becoming a certified soccer referee through the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) is a fulfilling journey that requires attending an Entry Level Clinic conducted by a USSF-certified instructor. Even if you have prior experience as a player or coach, this clinic is a mandatory step in the process.


In the state of Washington, the primary referee grade available for newcomers is Grade 8 Referee. This course is designed to prepare officials for both competitive and recreational youth games. The recommended minimum age for registration is 13, and it's essential to note that Grade 8 does not correlate with your school grade.


Step 1 - Choose a Clinic:

  • The Grade 8 Referee New Clinic covers all aspects of refereeing youth games, serving as both a Referee and Assistant Referee.

  • Clinics are locally sponsored by various Clubs, Referee Chapters, or Leagues.

  • Successful completion results in a referee badge, allowing you to officiate youth matches based on your grade.

  • The clinic includes online study materials and 4 hours of in-class field training.

  • A passing score of 80% or higher is required on the written exam.

  • The fee for the clinic is $85.00 (USSF Registration Fee- $65 + $20 Clinic Fee) paid online during registration, with possible additional fees for the local host's expenses. Note: If you are 18 + years of age, there is an additional background check fee of $3.50 due. 

  • Some clinics are conducted in one weekend day, while others are spread over a couple of weekday evenings.

  • Registration is valid for one year and must be renewed annually.


Step 2 – Register on the WASRC Website and Enroll in a Clinic:

  • Create your Member Registration on the WASRC website by navigating to the Instruction → Clinics/Events tab and sign up for Referee – New Grade 8. 

  • Browse the calendar to select a clinic convenient to your location and availability.

  • Carefully follow the registration instructions, checking the appropriate options.

  • If a clinic is full, choose another one, as walk-ins will not be allowed once the cap is reached.


Step 3 - Refereeing

  • Once the clinic is completed with passing grade, contact Kitsap Peninsula Soccer Referees Association (KPSRA) via their contact form here: to get registered for the referee self assign website Arbiter. 

  • Once registered on Arbiter, you will be able to assign yourself to matches that you are eligible to referee. 


Step 4 - Reimbursement

  • Once you have refereed two Kitsap Alliance FC matches, you are eligible to receive reimbursement for the cost of the referee clinic.

  • Send your payment receipt from the clinic (or renewal) and your mailing address to and a reimbursement check will be issued to you.   


Begin your registration process on the WASRC website:

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